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Yay! Another camera! Canon G2
I always wanted to take infra-red photographs, but limited as the 300D has a IR blocking filter infront of the sensor.
I'm always telling myself that I'll have the 300D modified as soon as I get another body - but it's been so long, and I still haven't got another body yet. So I was on the lookout to buy another camera to have as a dedicated infra-red camera.
I managed to buy a 2nd hand Canon Powershot G2 on Ebay, (I didn't tell my parents about it, but they realised I bought something when a package arrived for me!!). I bought it with the intention of having it modified, but yesterday, my dad asked what I received, and I showed him, and he liked it, and he wanted it. I told him my intention of having it modified and told me that it'll be a waste to do that, and to give it to him instead...! So I gave it to him, and now looking for another camera to play with again! haha.
I like it, that it's familiar in controls and accessories (I can use my BP-511's on it, and compact flash cards, as well as mount my flash on), I also like it's ability to take videos and shoot RAW. fun fun Smile
However, I took some shots with it today, handheld with the R72 held over the lens.
Here's one Smile

[Image: IMG_0094aaa.jpg]

I think that's my finger in the bottom right Tongue
What a great idea. I have been dying to do some infrared (looks liuke just my kind of thing - doesn't it?) - but my D200 is possibly the worst camera on the market because of its extremely high infrared filtering. I don't think my A2 is much better - nmaybe I should research.

On the other hand, if I can buy a cheap 2nd hand point and shoot with quality glass - maybe that will be good enough for my uses...

Probably a R72 filter costs a lot more... Big Grin
Digicams are better for IR photography than SLRs. I've tried both, using my Sony F828 and my Oly.

Minor differences include the ability to see, and the ability to focus. DSLR's focusing system is confused by IR, which focuses at a slightly different point, while the digicam will work without compaint. The digicam's live LCD will 'gain up' to let you frame the shot, but an R72 filer in front of an optical viewfinder will leave you blacked out.

... It's the little things that make a difference. • @matthewpiers | | @thewsreviews •
Infra-red photography!!! had to look this up not that I would ever try it, found an article on how to convert a G1-2 at if anyone is interested.
Canon 400D plus assorted lenses
Yes - the F828 is ideal because you have a setting that allows you to remove IR filtering altogether - maybe I should search for a used one...
very cool Adam...........IR is one I would like to play with!
That is nice of you to surrender your new camera to your dad Adam Smile
Canon stuff.
Cool adam... new toy! Big Grin

Matthew: Interesting insights regarding digicam vs SLR for IR... I guess each has got its own uses. Big Grin
Toad Wrote:Yes - the F828 is ideal because you have a setting that allows you to remove IR filtering altogether - maybe I should search for a used one...
Well, yes and no. Its 'nightshot' setting removes the IR-cut filter, but the camera is electronically restricted to 1/30s shutter speed (or slower, I suppose), the widest aperture (f2-2.8) and can only be used in program mode. The F717 has a similar restriction, but a more usable 1/60 shutter speed -- Keith, correct me if I'm wrong...

You either make friends with a stack of ND filers and a tripod, or just ignore the option. (Still very useful for its intended use, which is zero-light photography with built-in IR emitters.) I use both methods; the "nightshot" mode and simply putting a R72 filter in front of the lens in normal mode. The combination of the Visible-Cut filter (R72) and the IR-cut filter (built in) makes for extremely long exposures. One of my favourite images is an eight-second exposure taken in full daylight at noon. Now, this isn't Queensland, but it's not exactly dim, either.

Having a "second" camera (I own five of them...) modified for IR has been a desire of mine for a long time. The natural choice would be my F828, since I already own it, and it's a fantastic camera. But, the modification isn't cheap, and many cameras can do it. Certainly, the Canon G-series sounds like an excellent choice. • @matthewpiers | | @thewsreviews •
I was considering sending it here:
He's based in Australia and it's cheaper than lifepixel.
I looked through the DIY instructions, but, thought that I'd rather leave it to someone who knows how to do it properly with the right tools. Didn't want to break it! lol
I wanted to play with it again today, but I think my dad took it with him.

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