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You might not be a photographer, if ...

Of course, there's always the chance that you are not actually a photographer... Wink

You might not be a photographer, if ...

- You think "Red Eye Correction" is a medication against the symptoms of a hangover
- You think "Sensor cleaning" means washing your family jewels
- To you, a "Night Shot" is someone you meet at the disco night
- "Strobe" makes you think of the light show at the disco night
- To prepare for a shooting, you check the ammo in your rifle cabinet
- You think that a photograph shows exactly what was there when the picture was taken
- Someone shows you a picture of a barely dressed girl on a motorbike, and you ask "Is this a relative of yours?"

Has anyone got more? Smile

Gallery/ Flickr Photo Stream

Reality is for wimps who can't face photoshop.



-You think noise is your neighbours having a party at 2:00 in the morning.

Canon stuff.

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