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a bit of staining

i work a crazy job and we rotate shifts every 4 weeks. i happen to be nearing the end of my midnight shifts so when i'm awake and off nobody else is up. which leaves me with a lot of time to play video games - i mean get other projects done. i'm excited cause this one actually turned out!

this was tuesday night's project:
[Image: p1327453869-4.jpg]

two 2x4' 1" thick pieces of plywood. two toned stained with a map of the world for wall hangings. the one on the right is mine, it was maple or birch plywood. not sure which. the one on the left is oak and it's going to a local shop where i rent out a booth to sell stuff.

i'd like to do two more with the america, but have the states outlined. i want to place markers on the map for all of the places i've been.

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