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any church photographers out there?
I am the offical church photographer of the 1st United Penetecostal church of Vero Beach Florida. I cover all youth activites, church events, missonary aperences, baptisms etc. wanted to start a church photographers association for fellowship, exchange of ideas, photo comparisons etc. Love to get some feedback! May God bless all of you and your families in 2013!HeartIdea:Cool
"I did it my way" Cool
I actually think this is a great idea! You are more than welcome to post ideas here as well as some of your work. If you know of others, please invite them along for the ride. If you have a blog, or newsletter, you send out - you are welcome to post info there as well for your ideas along with an invite to ShutterTalk, if you like.

I think you have a wonderful idea as a foundational start to a new thing! Carry on!
Barbara - Life is what you make of it!
thank you for the encouragment! i am still having trouble posting my photos here but will figure it our.
"I did it my way" Cool

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