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does this speak..
#1 anyone?
I posted this here as I had a special walk yesterday and am even more sure today that God wanted me to make this image viewable by other Christians.
Yep, sounds mad, but hey, we know the way He works.
Though personally I'm on a bit of aknife-edge of late, plus having a very painful back, still I'd had a compulsion to visit this place(Uley village, about 4 miles away), walk about and record what I felt I'd been led to see.
In short, I'm convinced(and this doesn't happen very often; I'm not the evangelising type) that one of the pics at least came about because God wanted me to "tell" in pic form about His nature and personality.
I'm not going to expound, debate or even go on about the pic; I merely(gulp: "merely!") wanted to post it because it's about Him, His promise, His personal plan and a host of other things.
Though I feel for anyone if they take offence by the overtly Christian nature of this post...sorry dudes, only reporting what I see and know.
[Image: sheepies.jpg]

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Beauiful scenery Zig. Smile

Sit, stay, ok, hold it! Awww, no drooling! :O
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The woods are being taken over by the new housing development.. I hate it when that happens.. Such a peaceful scenery, if only the houses weren't there..

Sort of like life.

Eyup! I thought this one's season had gone!
Yep, I agree; nothing is ever as it seems though: this hill and surroundings have been in continuous and often violent use since neolithic times. The fields round here reap Roman pot sherds, neolithic and iron age bits too...whilst the hill has been chopped about for neolithic funereal use and later defensive earthworks. People being people and shaping the landscape go hand in hand I reckon. Nice to meet ya: "noonespillow" sounds a pretty emphatic pseudonym btw!

All my stuff is here:
(Just click on the TOP RIGHT buttons to take you to my Image Galleries or Music Rooms!)
My band TRASHVILLE, in which I'm lead guitarist:

I am watching the town where I live change dramatically, once a sleepy holiday resort with fibro cottages and caravan parks it is becoming a miniature Gold Coast. At the moment there are 450 apartments being built and expected on the market in the next 6 months and the ports foreshores are being developed. The only backpackers motel by the water was demolished and a 4 storey (2 penthouses) + luxury apartments with retail thereapy on the ground floor is well on the way. Last Christmas and Easter the holiday makers arrived in droves in numbers we have never experienced before making living here unpleasant for those of us who live here and the visitors.

Love your pic Zig, I can also rave and rant Rolleyes

Canon 400D plus assorted lenses

The hill is older than the trees, which are older than the houses which are older than the sheep.
The sky is the oldest of all, and the only thing not subject to the will of man.

The sky / the atmosphere belong to satan,

for now, but it is written in the Bible that this is true Ephesians chapter 6

Satan is the prince of the power of the air ! The bible says so .

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