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goodbye for a little while

i feel like we need a break from each other. i promise, it's me, not you... Tongue

i've got 40 more hours of work to go, but as of this tuesday i'm on leave for a 3 week western roadtrip. the dakotas, wyoming, montana and limited internet access are on the itinerary. so i'll be back in mid september, hopefully with a boatload of landscape and nighttime photos to share.

Enjoy. Ed.

To each his own!

Have a good trip! I'm leaving for a 2 week Arizona / New Mexico desert trip myself in September.

Looking forward to hearing from you on your return! And yes, we would love to see some of your photos when you check back in with us! :0)

Barbara - Life is what you make of it!

(Aug 21, 2015, 10:41)EnglishBob Wrote:  Have a good trip! I'm leaving for a 2 week Arizona / New Mexico desert trip myself in September.

that's a fun trip, that was my first foray west as a child and it truly was an adventure. enjoy!

thanks everyone, i'll be back in mid-september.

hahahahaha its so sweet, Wishing you a happy journey and come back soon with lots of advantures! Smile

hello again! unfortunately i'm back, i'd rather be still on vacation, but that's life.

we hit badlands national park twice, it was smokey the first time on our drive west so we spent the night nearby, checked the conditions the next morning and decided to leave because the conditions hadn't cleared up and had been like that for a few days. apparently the smoke came from as far as glacier national park in montana and some of the forest fires in washington. after leaving rapid city, sd we drove a few scenic routes around the big horn mountains and the tetons (we always end up there), both in wyoming. by the time we got to tetons the smoke was starting to clear up. we heard form a few people that the smoke had been bad enough the previous week that officials advised people to stay indoors. we saw moose and a bear around the tetons.

after that we went up the idaho side of the tetons into montana. the original plan was to go to glacier national park, but it was still on fire, very smokey and part of it was closed with more closures expected so we skipped. instead we stayed in missoula and visited bannack state park, which is a wonderful ghost town and tried to hit another ghost town called garnet on our way east to billings, but after driving for over an hour on a two way but one lane dirt and boulder cow path on some pretty steep cliffs to get over a mountain to garnet we ran head first into hail, snow and lightning almost the instant we pulled into the parking lot so we skipped exploring the ghost town and continued to billings, mt. we ended up taking a 3 hour detour to use a still dirt, but slightly less treacherous route around the mountain instead of going back the way we came. that was one of the weirdest storms i've ever been in. from billings (we wanted to stay in bozeman, but it was booked due to the university and the labor day holiday) we drove beartooth hwy to yellowstone national park.

after that we started heading east and hit a much clearer badlands national park in south dakota on our way back. i was taking star shots one night there and heard some hooves on the pavement in the parking lot behind me - it was a mountain goat. that was a little odd..

and now i'm back to flat delaware and back to work tonight at midnight. here's hoping we don't have any incidents tonight in murdertown and i can edit some photos.

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