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help a christening to photograph
hi peeps i have been asked to do the photography at my friends christening. im not being paid for it but i am going to be the only photographer. i have never shot a christening before so i am asking for any advice you may have.. please

(Nov 9, 2013, 14:31)funkymunky Wrote: hi peeps i have been asked to do the photography at my friends christening. im not being paid for it but i am going to be the only photographer. i have never shot a christening before so i am asking for any advice you may have.. please

Hi Funkymunky,

How far away is the Christening being held from you? The reason I ask is that a good move would be to go and ask the Vicar what they permit to happen in their Church. Some Vicars are very 'touchy' about the use of flash, particularly during a service, and a Christening IS a service. It always helps to get the Vicar 'on side', it also give you an opportunity to 'scout out' the church to get a shooting plan in your head. A good shot is of the subject of the baptism being 'watered' for the want of a better expression.

Whichever way you cut it, it definitely helps to have the Vicar working with you rather than opposing you. The same goes for the family. They may have some fixed views on what they want, so it would help to check with them, what they need. I mean, if Great Aunt Agnes has traveled for hours to be there from miles away, it's a racing certainty that she'd better be in the shots, and with her eyes open!!

As for technical stuff? Check, check and check again that you have all you need, that all batteries are fully charged and that you have plenty of spares. Is there any chance of someone holding a reflector for you? You may need the extra light especially if it is an old church and you cannot use flash. Are you going to shoot JPG or RAW? If it was me I'd be inclined to get both down on record. Salvaged RAW can be a lifesaver in these situations.

Best of luck with the shoot, I'm sure you'll do just fine.

Equipment being used. Ed.
thanks Phil J, the church is only down the road so its not a problem for me to nip down and see the vicar. i've not been in yet but it does look old. the family are a big family so i am expecting to be taking a lot of photo's. am i to assume correctly that all photo's will have to posed? and not natural of the christening? or should i be able to take a few of the more natural shots? i will no more when i go down... i am using my D3100, and my 50mm f1.8 and my 17-55mm kit lens. i have a Yongnou YN560 ii. i dont have a reflector or any other props just yet but am aiming to purchase some soon. if needed for the christening then not a problem. and i will be shooting in RAW i dont shoot in any other now..
If flash is necessary, a diffuser is a good idea, soften the shadows. If no diffuser, try beforehand, some shots with tissue paper over the flash and see if acceptable. If flash is on camera, don't take upright pics, can easily be cropped to this, if necessary, this way the shadows will be behind and down, minimizing as much as possible. Some say flash and newborn, is bad for eyes. When speaking to Vicar, try and see the interior, and, a few shots, using natural light. I would not use a tripod/monopod, as mobility is restricted. Also shoot informally,as it happens, formal is easier after the ceremony. Consider continuous shooting, captures the unexpected. Be confident!!! Success. Ed.
Hit the post button, too quick. If using zoom lens, ensure flash covers fully, at 17mm. Ed.

thanks Ed will keep all that in mind. Smile
I'd go along with what Ed has said. In addition, a few shots of the oldest person in attendance with the youngest will usually be well received, as would be a succession of generations between the two.

Frankly, a minimum of posed shots in this sort of situation is 'usually' well received by your client and yourself. Informal shots are 'in my opinion' the way to go, but then, it's only my opinion. Other people may well disagree and know more on this subject than I do.


well of to the church today, have spoken with the family about a photo list, and i was told that a small list can be done now but they are not sure who is turning up on the day!!! so i guess i will go from there lol .

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