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minolta z3
whoa!!! sell your canon 300d!!! sell your panasonic fz10!!! the z3 is here!!!

12x stabilised zoom!!! 4mp!!! fast!!! what more could you want!!!

Tell me why they are not using the split viewfinder system anymore? The new EVF only has 118K pixels. Very poor! Almost like Fuji S5000 which is very grainy.
Hi minoltafan and guest123, welcome to Shuttertalk! Yes, the z3 certainly looks interesting doesn't it? I wonder whether the camera in the hand live up to its specs on paper... Big Grin
haha Smile sounds great, the specs and everything,
but I don't think I'll jump boats so quickly and sell off my camera for a new one.
I only got my 300D this year, and though newer and better cameras are coming out, this one serves it purpose: well enough for me.
I probably won't be upgrading body within the next few years, but really hope to add more lenses and accessories to my collection Smile

The idea of stabilised zoom is wonderful, is it like have image stabiliser, but built on the body instead? Looking at the specs, the lenses aren't interchangable are they? So the stabilised zoom can be considered to be part of the lens Smile haha
but with such a large zoom range, I don't think there's much need to change lenses Smile Don't think I could compare it to DSLRs, since it's probably aimed at different people, but (like everything else) I wouldn't mind having one!

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