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nikon G lens
Hi everyone

does anyone knows why nikon G lenses can not be used on a nikon non digital?

Note: This lens features both the "G" and "AF-S" Nikon advancements. AF-S lenses, while able to manually focus with all Nikon F-mount cameras, will autofocus ONLY with the following cameras- N65, N70/F70, N80/F80, N90s/F90x, F4, F4s, F5, F100, D100, D1 & D1x (or any newer model).
"G" Series lenses are only compatible with F5, F100, N50, N55, N60, N65, N80, N4004, N5005, Pronea 6i, Pronea S, D100 & D1 series (or any newer model) cameras. The following cameras can be used, but only in Programmed Auto or Shutter-Priority exposure modes: F4, N70 & N90s/F90x.



"G" lenses don't have an aperture ring. hence these lenses can be used in shutter priority and program mode with older bodies like F90/90x and F801. These bodies require the aperture to be set from the lens, whereas newer bodies like F50, F65, etc. use the bodies to select the aperture.

that's my take on it. the techies can probably give you a more detailed and technical explaination.
It's amazing what old junk can do.
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