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photo the photographer

This is off-topic, but slightly related to photographing, that's why I'll put it here, in the General Talk.
Since we are always taking the photographs, we are not in the pictures (maybe that's why I've got the camera and taking pictures!!)
soooooooo.... post pictures of yourselves (if you want)

[Image: peter_adam%20(Small).jpg]
From a photo-outing with friends

[Image: IMG_5074%20(Small).JPG]
When playing around with a magnifying glass sheet of plastic thing I found in my mum's bible Big Grin

Damn that's a scary photo! Big Grin

God has placed me on earth to accomplish certain things.
Right now, I am so far behind that I will never die.

Heheh, I can't find a photo of me that's flattering enough... woo adam - your neck strap isn't on... make sure you don't drop your baby! Wink

oh, guess which is me Wink

I don't have a second camera or photographer (if i had a second I'd need to have a auto timer =P. I do have a built in cupboard that takes up one whole wall of my room, and it's doors are mirrors, anyone get this hint? Should I?

3 x GoPro Cameras
1 x Canon S100
1 x Nikon D5100
1 x Sony DSC-TX10
Apple MacBook Pro 15" (Retina Display)

"What do you want to pack today?"

Yes you should! hahah! why not!? (If you're hinting to take yourself in the mirror, or use the cupboard as a tripod to put the camera on while on auto-timer, or if you're going to pose with the cupboard/mirrors).

hahaha the first photo looks familiar! Wait! I took that shot! LoL i was gonna post that photo under 'Photo-strike' (play on words with counter-strike) =P TOURIST WIN! Big Grin

uhauha yeah
our Photo CS adventures ...
The Tourists WIN!

Lol Julian ..
thats me without the strap on ..
i find it uncomfortable ..
so i generally dont put it round my neck ...

i onli put it on when im reall yhigh up .. or if its windy..

This is from araluen botanic gardens. And that's blurry me! Big Grin
[Image: IMG_2058.jpg]

ok .. ehre are a couple of me !
Adam n Long prolli took em ..

[Image: g01.jpg]
[Image: g07.jpg]
[Image: g00.jpg]

Heres one of Me Long n Adam ...
Window Reflection!
[Image: IMG_5325.jpg]

Leet blurry long!
I also got a leet blurry long when he jumped infront of the camera when I was taking a train shot Tongue hehehehe

Ok .. this may hurt the modem users a bit ..
but here are some of our action shots in Fremantle ...
apart from the first one ..
thats adam playing with my lens ..

[Image: f1.jpg] [Image: f2.jpg]

[Image: f3.jpg] [Image: f4.jpg]

[Image: f5.jpg] [Image: f6.jpg]

[Image: f7.jpg] [Image: f8.jpg]

[Image: f9.jpg] [Image: f10.jpg]

[Image: f11.jpg] [Image: f12.jpg] [Image: f13.jpg]

im in the white shirt wid da cap .. long has the beanie .. adam is the other guy ..

Thanks for sharing those pictures Peter Smile
That strange looking asian-looking guy with the camera freaks me out

You mean the one named Adam Loh ?

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