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photography and the law
If you're taking photographs of people, do you need their permission?
When is it illegal to take pictures of people; as I understand, it's illegal if it's on their private property, and if they are children?

Please explain Smile
hauhh .. do you like taking photos of young kids adam ? ...
jkjk ... i always wondered that as well .. although the people i take photos of wouldnt eva really bother sueing me for taking photos ..
Not very sure.. I think legally you need a signed model release if you plan to use/publish/display those photographs... but if say you're in a crowded tourist area, and you happen to get a few people in your shot of the Eiffel Tower, common sense dictates that you wouldn't get everyone to sign one Smile
How about if I take photographs in a concert and post them in shuttertalk?

If I take pictures for my own collection, it should be alright right without having to sign anything? Just as long as they are wearing clothes and I'm not spying on them
Hm... I think it should be ok... it's not like you're using it for commercial work or anything, right?
Nice! Should show a gallery of thumbnails or something so it's easier to browse... instead of viewing one by one.
When uploading photos to DeviantArt one time I noticed a disclamier asking if I had permision from the government or place in charge of the architecture I was taking a picture of to upload it, I am not sure if it is still there, and I just happnened to 'not notice it' =p.
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