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piRAWnha - RAW post processing on iPad
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Jan 4, 2011, 02:52 #1
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iPad users have been able to view RAW files but not able to edit or post process them until now. PiRAWnha is the first app that enables RAW processing on the iPad and currently uses images transferred to the iPad with the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit, and subsequent exporting of high resolution JPEGs, either individually or as a batch.

Features include:
‐Exposure compensation
‐White balance correction (automatic settings and manual)
‐Highlight recovery
‐Denoise operations
‐Gamma correction
‐Saturation‐hue‐brightness adjustment
‐High‐quality contrast adjustment
‐Updated image histogram (red‐green‐blue) while editing

From a workflow perspective, it will probably add a step or two as you will need to transfer photos to the iPad and then off again somehow (perhaps wirelessly?) but I can see how manipulating photos using a full screen multi touch tablet might become quite interesting.


Jan 4, 2011, 07:43 #2
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I think that you have hit the nail on the head with your comment about "somehow" getting photos on and off the iPad. I really like the iPad, but as a photo storage and editing platform, it is sadly inadequate.

1. No proper method to get photos on or off the device
2. Not enough storage for many photos - no good for a holiday's worth.

I used to store photos on my iPod, but downloading a day's worth of shooting would completely drain the iPod's battery, and the connection to the camera used the same port as the charger - so it was often a cumbersome multi-charge operation. Not a proper on-the-road photo solution.

I suppose that I will be sticking with my eeepc for a while longer. Its not much bigger than the iPad, has 160GB storage, and an SD card slot. Its screen resolution is not ideal for using PhotoShop, but I can live with that.

Jan 7, 2011, 04:42 #3
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There is a neat application to access files on your ipad and even treat it like a USB thumb drive if you want to. It costs $20 and is called Phone View. Works with iPad and iPhone. I use it to sync Angry Birds across my iOS devices - but can also be used to access all your messages and photos, etc...

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