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[rel] Roses
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Jul 20, 2004, 23:49 #9
dewy Posting Freak *****
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adam Wrote:Are shuttertalk and dewy related? or has dewy been shooting in shuttertalk's parent's place?
I don't have many flowershots; but I've taken one or two before, but its not here on my laptop with me at the moment, it's backed up on my sister's computer; I'll retrieve it soon: some time this week Smile
Yeah Shuttertalk and I are long lost relos =P, j/k. These shots were taken at... cant remember, that place where the guy makes Dr. Jurds Jungle Juice

adam Wrote:I don't have any roses around my house; unless I jump over the fence to neighbours house, or take the ones coming over to my fence, then theyll think I'm spying on them Smile haha
Oh the joys of photography =P, The Drug dealers across the raod are worried I am going to sell the photos to the police I think. =P

adam Wrote:Yesterday while trying to shoot some closeups on leaves on trees, it was quite difficult to avoid the blur because the wind would blow it, causing it to move and come out of focus Sad
Get a peice of strimng and large chunk of metal, or other heave object, and put it around the brand/stem and that could possibly hold it down and make it a little more sturdy, just guessing, no promises.

adam Wrote:What settings did you use to take those? Did you use flash (I'm guessing you didn't?)
I like the water/dew on the flowers, I'll probably bring a spray bottle with me next time I go flowershooting, and maybe some things to reflect some 'natural light' around it Smile
No flash, just the Macro mode on my camera, and about 20-30cms away from the, the water/dew on them is/was natural the shots were taken on a 'cold' day at about 10:00am

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