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saving an adjustmen layer
Hey guys,

I most often work with curves to correct colors and brightness in my pictures.
Now if I have a number of shots taken under the same condition, there must be a way to
save an adjustment layer and apply it to the same next picture, so you don't have to do the adjustment again,
and my adjustment will be consistent.

is that what layer styles are? (Have been wondering about this for much to long, spending much time again and again adjusting channel by channel for a series of pictures... )

Thanks for advise!

Uli - Theres probably quite a few ways to do this but heres my way of thinking.

If you think you will be doing just a few images taken in the same conditions you can always drag the adjustment layer from one image to another.

If you think you will use it alot - Record your own action.
Open your first image.
Go to "Actions" tab.
Hit "New Action" button.
Name new action (This should automatically start 'recording' now.
In the layers tab use the 'add adjustment layer' button to add a curves adjustment layer (set the curves to suit this first image).
Continue to add any other adjustment layers (but dont flatten the image).
Return to "Actions" tab and press the 'stop recording' button.

You should now be able to 'play' this action on each image and it will add each adjustment layer with your setting for the first image.
The best bit is that you can still fine tune each adjustment layer after its finished.

Let me know if this doesn't work (or make sense!). Some of these buttons and tabs are hard to find if you haven't used them.
Canon 50D.
I believe you can drag and drop adjustment layers between images, but I don't think it's possible to save them as a 'preset' or similar. (I reserve the right to be wrong.) • @matthewpiers | | @thewsreviews •
Good idea smarti, I guess making an action works to do a bunch of pictures in one day!
but then I would probably delete it in order not to accumulate hundreds of actions.

thanks guys, Uli

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