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somebody stole a picture; not sure what to do
(Apr 20, 2017, 12:56)GerbenG Wrote: Howdie folks!
So a long time ago I shot this picture of this old couple in the streets. As a young starting photographer I never even thought about asking for a model release or any of that. I think ive put it up on a website like Deviantart and on 500px, but that's pretty much it. [Image: 797f1ac8dabbbe709f51a1d8cf67be08.jpg]
Now the point is; a few weeks ago i get a message from a friend that saw it in a dutch TedxTalk about love 
vid is here :  (at 5:17)

What would you guys do?
Hi there!
There is little you can do about it. If the picture would have been used in commericial purpose you could claim copyrights but for this case i guess the least they can do is adding an addnotation in the youtube video with you as the author.

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