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sunpak flash help
I just got a SunpakMZ440AF for my Rebel XT and it is just not working. It is suppose to be TTL and all the auto stuff by my camera isn't even reconginizing it.

When I set the camera custom function for Av flash to set at 1/200sec (meaning no matter the aperture, the shutter speed will be 1/200sec with a flash), it works just fine with the cameras pop-up flash. But when I attach the Sunpak, the shutter speed is always longer.

In fact, the cameras aperture and shutter speeds are the same whether the Sunpak is attached or not. And the flashes output is really weak no matter what I set the flashes ISO and focal lenght to. But I know it is a powerful flash because the test button is like a bolt of lightning.

What am I doing wrong? Why doesn't this flash work with my camera? Is there some setting I should be using...

I want to be able to bounce and diffuse my flash... but right now, I am stuck using my pop-up flash.
Hey steve, I've got a feeling (from reading some reviews on the web) that the MZ440AF only works in full auto mode - you can't do any aperture priority or manual exposure shots with it...

See the first post in this page:

In my experience though, shooting in auto or P modes with bounce flash works really well - so give that a try...
That's some good info, thanks for the link. I guess I was expecing more than from this flash. So, I am a bit disappointed with its inability to work functionally in Av mode Sad

I guess I misimterpreted "full TTL" to mean more customizable.

Anyway I tried it in auto mode and program mode with the pop-up flash on and the shutter speed was 1/60. Then I put the Sunpak on to see if it would be the same... nope... shutter speed was 1/6 and the flash went off, but it wasn't any brighter than a childs nightlight.

So, I am still not having any luck with this flash no matter what mode I shoot in.

Is there any possibility I have a wrong setting somewhere? Because what I am expereincing with this flash would put Sunpak out of business. It's horrible.

Thanks again though for the useful link.Smile

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