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taking peopleless shots in crowded places
i visited the udvar-hazy museum a few years ago, it's one of the two aerospace smithsonian museums in washington d.c., so naturally it was packed full of people. the shot below is just how i envisioned it, perhaps with a few people milling around, except on that particular day it wasn't happening. there were at least 100 people in every shot i took. so i kept as still as possible, pretty difficult on a hanging catwalk that bounced along with the people walking past me.

[Image: p1348857859-4.jpg]

in the end i grabbed about 80 shots using the same exposure and focus. handheld so it was framed as close as i could get it, but not perfect. i processed those shots in lightroom, did the first one to taste and sync'd the settings to the rest. loaded them all in photoshop into a stack of layers and had photoshop align them by content. starting with the first layer i masked out the humans and moved on to do the same with the second layer, then third and so on until there was nobody left. the end result is made up of about 30 layers. there is one guy in the bottom right, but he was an employee and in every shot. i don't mind him being there, he's pretty well hidden.

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taking peopleless shots in crowded places - by cuilin - Jul 25, 2015, 09:11

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