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webpage design
Ni hao everyone,

I am currently designing my own webpage and to start with just did it in Netscape composer. It was nice and easy for me, a total dummy when it comes to programming, I really don't know a thing about html etc.
A friend recommended using Microsoft Frontpage because it can produce dynamic html, and I really liked his results. But my office package must have been a small one and doesn't include Frontpage. I don't want to buy any software now, just want to get something out there for people to see, but I was wondering if anyone is aware of any free or share ware I could try to play with this dynamic html.. or is it to fancy to be free?

Greetings, Uli

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Try Coffee Cup HTML Software, it is shareware and has a trial period, you will have to pay a small sum to use but its very good for the beginner. Just Google for 'Coffee Cup HTML'. You can also use Notepad to make webpages however it requires a degree of competence with html, for that you need a good instruction book so why not buy a cheaper software package.
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Uli, there are good free web edotors available as well as templates for wesites. I'll update this post after when i look into my fav's folder and find a couple.Smile
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Hey Uli,

I used a few free ones in the past, although I tended to go towards the more advanced code-editing type ones. Have a look at the links below - there are a couple of WYSIWYG type editors which may suit you (go for the ones with the higher popularity/star ratings)
thanks jules, I will have a look at some of those!
maybe I'll go with something completely free for now instead of having a trial version like coffee cup, but thanks anyway Pat!

Hi Uli

As other people have posted there are lots of good free editors out there you can use. In reference to the dynamic html can you expand more on what you want? If you are talking about scripting to produce effects and so on you need to be careful as a lot produce bad code that often does not work on all web browsers. If you just want to publish your photography have you thought about using one of the free photo blogging services? A free online service Offers free blogging the original and probably one of the biggest

All of these let you use online templates to setup and manage the site no software required.

If you can spare the time I would learn some basic HTML as this is the foundation to building great web sites. The website is a great place to start.

Hope that helps

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hey Ivan,

I am not so much looking for a blog but making my own homepage.
Here is a link to my friend's homepage which he used MS frontpage to create:

He referred to the way the category titles come up when you browse over the pictures with your mouse as "dynamic html". When you go into one of the categories, the small thumbnails will also pop up when you mouse over them.

You are probably right in that I should learn some programming, but to be honest right now that it beyond my scope.... (I am just a girl.... Big Grin )

Hey Uli,

With your friend's page, the front page is done using javascript mouseovers (very basic dynamic html) . It's pretty easy to do, and usually it involves editing the html directly, although some advanced editors may do it for you. There's a basic tutorial too:

With the gallery, he's using some sort of macromedia flash gallery, which I bet he got from somewhere else. An example of this is simpleviewer, which I've used before (and a few others here too).

Thanks ST, I'll have a look around.
oh Jules, I knew why I wasn't going to get into this business.... "wrap an hraf around something and drop in something else..." is just like boehmische doerfer to me... Rolleyes
I have a looooong way to go

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