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Full Version: Photo book printing services review / roundup
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Just spotted this extremely comprehensive review of various printing / photobook services on the web. Basically, this guy attempted to build the same book with each service (using their software, etc.) and ordered a printed photobook from them and compared the whole experience and final product.


Quote:I searched online for a comprehensive review of photo book printing services, and wasn't able to find any that answered this question: who makes the best consumer-grade photo books? It's not an easy question to answer, which is probably why I wasn't able to find any articles tackling the subject. In order to compare photo book printing services, someone would have to contact a broad cross-section of service providers in the USA and Canada (let's say a dozen in total), arrange for a free sample to be provided (because buying a 60-page photo book twelve times over would be $800+), build the same book with all of them (or as close as possible), factor in the book-building software component, then compare the eventual results of the physical books. Who'd be crazy enough to take on such a huge task? That would be me.
I think this is great because people mostly don't have the time or money to try out different services - mostly they try one, and if they like it, then they stick to it.

Personally I've only used Shutterfly and Snapfish for 6x4 prints - and of those I preferred Shutterfly for their finish. For photo books, I've only used Apple iPhoto (too bad they're not included in the list) for our Europe trip photobook and I was really happy with the result of that one.

How about you? What have your experiences been like with online printing and which services do you recommend? If you haven't tried any, do check out the article - it's a great starting point.
Great link - thanks Jules.
I am sorry I forgot to thank you Jules. This is a great find and I am glad you posted this. Pavel. keep up the good work Smile Smile Smile