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Full Version: Miranda Sensorex
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Today I went to J&J camera in Huntington, NY and found a Miranda Sensorex II on the shelf in good condition with its f 1.8 Auto Miranda lens. I bought it for $60. This was my first serious camera back in 1965 or 66. I was in love with it. But I lost it when I moved to Canada in 1975.

I finished off a roll of Kodacolar in two hours.

First shots in a day or two.
Very cool - it's always great to be reunited with long-lost loves.
My friend Siona hates it. She thinks I'm wasting money. I bought a 28 mm and a 135 mm miranda lens on e-bay for under $30.
I won't say your friend Siona is correct, but I think she has a great deal of sense. Big Grin
How many megapixels is it? Big Grin
more than my digicam...lol