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Full Version: exploring wides(1)
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Have spread these 6 shots over 2 posts just to save loading times a bit.
They're all with the 16-35mm: I've put them in this section for 2 reasons: firstly, you might find some of the focal lengths interesting given the subjects. Secondly, whereas I'd not call the close-up ones "macro" as such, I found it interesting to really crawl about on the floor with my nose on top of the subject to see what would happen.
Additionally, I shot all these handheld: I've decided to use this lens without the polariser now, so it's like I've added another "stop or two" to the lens...and of course I'm not fighting against the contrast in strong light(also, ..duh..I don't have uneven polarisation across wide skies...dunno why I didn't do this before, as this IS a fun lens handheld allowing much more freedom of expression.)

[Image: 1173sepiaST.jpg]
21mm f11

[Image: 1189ST.jpg]
16mm f11

[Image: 1207ST.jpg]
35mm f8
I am always interested in posts that discuss technique. This one is of particular interest to me because I have been shooting so much lately with a fixed 40mm.

I think that #2 really captures the essence of what you are going for.