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Full Version: exploring wides(2)
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Here's the other 3:

[Image: 1174ST.jpg]
35mm f11

[Image: 1178webST.jpg]
16mm f11

[Image: 1186ST.jpg]
16mm f11

As additional info(if any of you are interested): this lens(Canon 16-35mm f2.8L MkII) really does excel in the centres from 16mm-24mm, where it could be said to justify itself above certainly the 17-40mmL: if you need as good as it gets from these focal lengths, the wider zoom hits the ground sooner and better than the latter. If a very decent 17mm, 21mm and 24mm are your thang, there's really no other way of doing it unless you're prepared to fork out for a 17mm TSE, a Zeiss Distagon and a 24mm. That way you'll get superb coverage to the corners all throughout. Mind you, if you like the less-wide end, then I'd say the 17-40 covers from 32mm upwards better than the 16-35. Bear in mind, though, that it may be worth getting the only wide Canon lens that is still a good deal, the 35mm f2, which will do even better. Edges do fare well at f8/f11 with the 16-35mm, though, from around 18mm to 24mm. The sharpest "combo" in terms of this one lens is 16mm f5.6 and 24mm f11...it might be a case for saying this lens is arguably worth it for these "2 lenses" alone: and then you do get all the rest, as well as good open-aperture performance.
Another great bunch of pics to illustrate your point. The birds in #1 are wonderful.