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Full Version: Pet and People Photography
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It was never mi desire to be a portrait photographer. I liked this kind of photography, but I saw me far from having the chance to take portraits... However, people has been very kind to recommend me and now.... I have four shootings already in my calender in the following three weeks... :| and telling the truth I didn't want to say: No, I don't do it.

I am too angst... Sad Tomorrow I start with a girl and her dogs...

I have been looking at some galleries in internet but I can't find anything really nice.

Does anyone have a nice site to recommend, to get ideas, inspiration?

I can't shoot at home as I have two cats.... Rolleyes but the place I will be shooting is roomy. I can hang my backgrounds and take my lighting gear...

Any advice would be really appreciated... Smile
I am sure you will be fine Irma, with or without your backgrounds and lighting gear.
You will make a good job of it I am sure. Tell the subject to fetch a poop scoop though Rolleyes Animals have no respect for photographic gear. Big Grin
Many years ago, my brother in law tried to take photos of the five pups, our dog had kindly donated to us. Myself and my wife were the masters Big Grin of the dogs and did everything we told them.
You bet. Too many instructions from too many people confuses them. Somewhere I read about a clicker the photographer would use to get the animals attention. Clicker in one hand remote in other.
I think for angst you mean soft. Smile
Hope Petographer is reading this. He was classic.
Good luck, Irma. I have confidence in you.
You'll do a great job Irma.

I have turned down 3 weddings so far this year... I try to discourage them first, before giving them a flat NO LOL. I shoot a few portraits for people but just don't enjoy it.
NT I thought about the remote control, but I am afraid I don't hit the focus in the eyes. I am reading everything I can to get advice.
The dog is furry and black... so let's see....
I have also thought about Petographer these days...

Thanks Toad, Craig for the encouragement ... If everything goes well, I will post a picture to show what I did... Smile
You'll be great!
You could try pm-ing Rufus...he might have some experience or tips?
Thanks Zig for your suggestion... I will get in contact with Rufus... Smile

Great thing that the girl and pet I was shooting yesterday, couldn't come. I made a test, however, with my neighbor and her dog. The outcome was disappointing... 120 pictures and just one or two are ok, but not even nice... :/ but as I am in my positive thinking epoca, I will try again... Smile

I will post some of my pictures in the critique forum and I will share some of my experiences in the shooting... at the moment I am preparing for 5 people a four-course Mexican dinner for tonight, so no time for pictures now...

Thanks all .. Smile