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Full Version: Stereo Images
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I downloaded a freeware program called "StereoPhoto Maker" (http://stereo.jpn.org/eng/stphmkr/). Then I made two stereo pairs by taking two pictures in succession (one slightly to the left of the other). I loaded the photos into StereoPhoto Maker which corrected the alignment. These two pairs are the result.

The photos are not much in themselves of course but they demonstrate a clear stereo effect (using the parallel method).

[Image: drivewaystSM.jpg]

[Image: oldshckstSM.jpg]

For everyone's info: Parallel viewing (as used here) involves relaxing the eyes as though looking into the far distance, until the two photos merge into 1 in the middle.
If you remember the "Magic 3D" posters sold in the '90s, it's just like that.

Conversely, "Cross-eyed" viewing swaps the left and right images and they are viewed by crossing your eyes until they merge. For some people this is easier.

Alternatively, Anaglyphs are the usual red/green single images that require gelled glasses, and there are also flashing animated gifs.

Stereo Photo Maker is THE software to use when trying 3D in all formats.
And it's free.Big Grin
The magic eye images never work for me -- i've discovered that my eyes have a tendency to favor only one side because i'm more myopic in the other. Big Grin'

You could try putting them into an animated GIF which flicks quickly between the two images and see what that does... something like this: