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Full Version: DSLR Field Monitor
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I thought this was a very neat idea - a 5.6 inch field monitor that sits on your hotshoe and accepts HDMI output from your DSLR. With a 1280 x 800 (270ppi) screen, you can scrutinise your photos even better out in the field instead of waiting until you get home.

[Image: DP-slr.jpg]


Then I saw the $1199 price tag. It's a nice idea, but most cameras have 4 inch screens now so an extra 1.5 inches will might not make enough of a difference to justify an extra grand
I have a similar colour monitor I bought in 1991, for my video camera. Only 3" I think. It did not get much use as it took a lot of AA batteries.
It also has a cowl on it so you can see it even in strong sunlight. Mine cost £100 in HK or Singapore. Oh it has speakers as well.

And I have a 7" TV / Monitor 12v plug in the car cigarette lighter socket. I can play back from the camera through that.

Of course if you get a live view camera then you don't need one. Wink
I'm wondering...this potentially has some high-end uses(as opposed to just checking what you've already taken: if you're a decent snapper, you'll have trusted your knowledge and the kit. Those who need to check what they've taken should use their phone or a P+S, surely..? Wink )....
One could obviously make focal adjustments precisely if having "Live View", of course, but I'm thinking of the equivalent of using a probe in large format work. That is, if the technology were precise enough, I could envisage an offboard screen like this being used for "spotting", in metering terms, areas of reflectivity within the shot. With a meter probe, one could spot areas of one's composition to ascertain, say, which density of NG grad to use, or to determine zones in composing a monochrome.