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Full Version: Help me please!
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Hi Everyone,

I photographed a wedding today and was presented with a groom who has bruised his eye very badly at his buck's night. They want me to get rid of the blood shot look in all the photos from the wedding! They are willing to pay an hourly rate for this. Just wondering what is the quickest way to do it as I will have a lot of photos to do it to.

Here is a shot showing his eye so you know what I am dealing with.

[Image: _MG_2542.jpg]

Thanks for your help.


Here is my try Chris...

with lasso tool in this size and resolution I used first 4px feather... make a selection around the eye with eyelashes copy past in new layer flip horizontal and move to replace black eye... add a layer mask and remove unneeded parts of the new eye to fit. In this new layer with lasso 1px feather select the brown of the eye copy paste new layer flip horizontal... this is to have the light in the eye coming from the same side.

I find a bit difficult that you get a natural look but I hope this helps..

[Image: 46__MG_2542.jpg]
I would pretty much do what Irma did (great job btw Irma) and then clone the flipped eye into the various images as an additional layer, then size and turn to suit with Transform.
Thanks Craig... Smile
Alternative ..
Select and copy good pupil from the white bits.
Make the eye all white via eyedropper tool, and then add, via layer, copy of the pupil.
No need to reverse just a little tidying to make it fit in what looks to be the correct place.

[Image: 83__MG_2542.jpg]

This was done by changing the white with the brush (a 1 pix brush, which would be hard work for a full res pic) and lightening the darker pupil. And then just adding a bit more brightness to the highlight in the eye.

Silly sod should have had his boys night out a month earlier. Big Grin

Where the pupil goes in the other eye is the key.
They are not normally exactly in the same place in each eye. I think they look very slightly towards one another, rather than parallel. Of course there are exceptions like Marty Feldman. :/

Second edit ... Similar to Irmas way but selecting all around the eye reversing and moving highlight in eye. Erasing around the eye to blend, and jiggling ithe whole eye into the best visual place.

[Image: 81__MG_2542.jpg]
Or the long john silver look with an eye patch. Big Grin

She looks like she deserves better.
Re- shoot the ones that are re -shootable when his eye heals up, and the group shots will have to be doctored.
I mean it is only the close ups that will show close scrutiny of the editing. The distant shots will have less work to do.
Whatever, charge him enough to make him sorry for the shiner.
Lots of great advice that seems to work really well.

My take on this:

The bride looks absolutely stunning, so nobody is going to notice anything is amiss elsewhere.

Give the couple a few reality photos; they will make a great conversation piece in later years.
#3 photo looks most natural to me. However there is something to be said about Dennis's comments. Whenever I run into software problem, I go here - these people are cooking with photoshop. http://www.flickr.com/groups/photoshopsupport/. If I am in a hurry, I also try here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/psjunkees/. The second group is not as good or fast, but sometimes I get more good combined feedback. I hope that this helps. Pavel
Wow, amazing job guys - looks very natural, especially NT73's 2nd edit.

I for one second the eye patch idea... he needs to be reminded/punished for his actions... Big Grin
I'm with Irma; sterling job too NT. Not tooo sure about the lighting of the shot anyway; I see the guy is getting the sympathy due Wink
Stellar work! NT's second shot gets the prize IMO. Both eyes look like they are focused on exactly the same spot in this one - which doesn't happen in either of the other 2 attempts. I suspect that this is a function of playing with the specular highlight in the eye. The eyeball size also seems more *normalized*. In Irma's shot, the further away eye seems slightly larger which feels a bit unnatural. I agree that the eye needs to be reversed. In NT's first take, not reversing the eye makes him look a bit lazy-eyed.

This is all hair-splitting of course because all of the reworks are so good. Well done everybody!
Thanks guys - was hoping there might be a short cut (like red remover) as I have to do it about 300 times Sad

Feel free to chime in with other suggestions.


Thanks for the plaudits guys. I would give myself a pat on the back but the rheumatics won't allow that. Wink

It is difficult on a small image as you all know. And I would not like to do it on a number of photo's.
1 is a bit of fun, but, say 50, is hard labour.
The size of the eye is an optical illusion if it is in the wrong position. IMO
Perhaps you could outsource it to some foreign country? Seriously... there are people that do it for competitive rates...
I have in the past pasted open eyes on over 100 images of a bride who closed her eyes in 90% of the shots.... If I had been the photographer i would of killed her!
NT I like a lot what you did in your pictures... really well done... Smile
I have found a guy who is going to do it for me - I am charging the couple for the service so I will pay him to do it.


Wedding Shooter Wrote:I have found a guy who is going to do it for me - I am charging the couple for the service so I will pay him to do it.


That's one in the eye for you then, WS. Big Grin
Or you could do this:

[Image: 35__MG_2542.jpg]
Lol @RP...