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Full Version: Time traveler in vintage photo?
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This museum photo shows what appears to be a man dressed in modern clothing, carrying a compact camera, in a photo from the 1940s. The article goes on to analyse various aspects of the photo, including using error-level analysis... coming to the conclusion that the photo appears genuine.


Fact or fiction? You decide... Big Grin
Very interesting article...

I find interesting his expression and the girl in the background that to me she is looking at his camera... It seems also as if he were watching at the camera of the man at the left of the picture...

Personally I am not closed to the idea of time travelers or any other "idea" like doors in time or parallel universes. It does not mean that I say I do believe they exist either... the thing is that I haven't had the experience yet to fully support or not time travelers idea.

I do believe there are a lot of things going on around us in any other forms that we are unable to imagine, see, feel, because we are just too (mentally) busy with our real world.
I have come across this before and there are a couple of websites that go through the image, one of which shows the probable camera and clothing he is wearing as actual pieces from that time period, the sunglasses and fleece are of a type favored by mountain climbers, and were around back then, just not at all common.
Interesting. Even though I don't think this photo proves anything - the hairstyle, clothes, shades and camera are not really that modern looking - I still find the idea of time travel quite interesting.

The most damning counter-evidence to time travel is that we don't absolutely *know* that it is true. If it were common in the future, I think that we would have heard about it by now from a future visitor and see evidence all around us of their influence. Even assuming that time travelers are ultra careful to not change things (i.e. killing your parents by accident) - I just have a hard time believing that they could all keep it a secret.

However - I think that it may be quite possible to *see* backwards and forwards in time if not to actually travel in time. For example, we see super novas exploding in space that actually exploded millions of years in the past - so we are already seeing into the past. If visible light can be trapped in some manner (i.e. constantly reflecting or moving in a circle) - then you may be able to see the light from past events forever. If light that is similarly trapped in the future can be made to travel faster than the speed of light - then it might be equally possible to see it before it happens - effectively seeing into the *future*.

I think that as a species, we often make the mistake of thinking that we understand how things work - when it is obvious that we don't. Based on what I know now (not much), I think that time viewing is highly possible - but I am skeptical about time travelling.