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Full Version: Entire episode of "House" filmed using DSLR
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I'm a fan of the TV-series "House" and I was surprised to hear that that entire finale episode was reportedly filmed exclusively using a Canon 5D Mk II Digital SLR. Great to see that photo equipment has come to the point where, in the right hands and given the right circumstances, it can be made to produce commercial quality video as well.

Some of the more notable comments:
- richer. shallow focus pulls the actors faces to foreground
- wanted it for ease of use in tight spaces
- focus was hard with these lenses
- i loved it and feel it’s the future


I can't wait to catch it on TV - if you do, give us a shout and let us know what your thoughts are... Big Grin
This is a fascinating development.
Price-wise, compared to current TV equipment, it's surely a win.
The techniques will be different, but that's no big deal.

I look forward to seeing the visual difference between other episodes and this one.
I heard a rumour that in the finale, the 5DmkII let them get some really unique footage. I can't divulge exactly what happens, but apparently Greg House is out water-skiing, and there's this shark up ahead....

The current crop of large-sensor cameras has been interesting, and it's not that uncommon to find people buying the 5D without caring about things like autofocus or still image quality. It's specifically sought as a video camera, and it has a great look. But changing the look of a show in the middle - end? - of its run is just wrong.

For what it's worth, I just finished watching "Facing Ali" (IMDB), which was shot with Red cameras. In the special features, the producers mention the filmic look that it creates, and how the lower cost turned what was going to be a single-camera into a three-camera production. The results were beautiful, and I don't doubt that there will be a whole new style and generation of film-making that will result from it and the cameras like it.

But this just seems like a publicity stunt.