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Full Version: ShowTime!! My Next Art Show
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[Image: ShowTime.jpg]
Congratulations Toad!

The best of luck to you and the other photographers. Smile

I will be looking forward to read your comments about the Preview Exhibition after April 29... Smile
Good man; please let us know how it goes!
Is it difficult deciding what to include?
Great stuff Rob! Looking forward to your thoughts on how things went.
Congrats Rob! Great news - wish I could attend... would be completely awesome.

Are the other photographers relatively well known?
This is a group of photographers that I have been working with for the last year or so. One of them is reasonably well known locally in another medium. All of us have had shows before.

This show will be quite different for me as I am not showing conventional photographs. Most of my pieces multi-layered and are printed on sheets of glass and mirror that I have assembled into glass sculptures. Each layer contains a piece of the image plus areas of transparency / reflectivity so that they look rather 3D (2 1/2 D would be more accurate). If you look at a piece from the front, the images appears to have actual depth due to the layers of image. I also have some western styled pieces printed on metal road sign blanks and partially destroyed by gunfire. In addition, I have a deck of cards that I am selling with images from each of us in the show.

The other photogs in the show are also experimenting with unique methodologies and presentations. So it should be interesting to see how the public reacts.

Thanks for your support.
That sounds amazing - really interesting presentation. I'd love to see the installation photos when you have them. Congratulations, and good luck!
Agreed - sounds amazing... must see - please post pics when done. Big Grin
Thanks people - will do.
congratulations Rob. It looks wonderful.
Thanks Don
Hope you get plenty of paying customers. Smile
NT73 Wrote:Hope you get plenty of paying customers. Smile
I dream of the day when my hobby will pay for itself...