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Full Version: New photo bags - Crumpler, Kata, ThinkTank
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Not sure if you've noticed, but there have been quite a few announcements for new photo bags from various manufacturers. Here are a few:

Kata TLB 300 & TLB 600 Telephoto Backpacks - designed specifically to carry SLRs with long lenses.

[Image: TLB600_open-239x399.jpg]

Crumpler C-List Celebrity - large, padded, ergonomic photo / laptop backpack

[Image: CL0201A_img07_copy-340x400.jpg]

ThinkTank Logistics Manager - this one was announced last month, a giant, rolling monstrosity.

[Image: Logistics-Manager-2.jpg]

They've currently got a competition running - with a chance to win a Logistics Manager stuffed full with other ThinkTank products.
Wooo nice nice nice Big Grin
I like Kata, Thinktank and Crumplers!
At the moment my favourite bags are thinktanks, domke and billingham.
I want the thinktank retrospective!
Thanks for this post Jules.
I can't even begin to imagine the size - and loaded weight - of that Think Tank. The Crumpler backpack looks interesting as well; I like the idea of some of their other bags (Keystone, Karachi Outpost) but they're so heavy when they're empty that they frighten me a little.

I bought a Billingham bag a few months ago, so I think my nylon days are over. Big Grin
Yeah, crumpler bags tend to be very heavy from all the padding. I suppose you're trading protection for weight, but as a backpack, they're quite tiresome to carry around.
Still Kata for me, love their products.
How did you go in the competition, by the way?
Didn't make the top selection, but I got a free Camera strap so it was worth the effort.