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Full Version: Canon L series coffee mug
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I've been seeing these quite often and I think they're hilarious! It's a great novelty item, and looks quite realistic as well compared to the real thing. And you can watch the surprised faces of your friends when you pull the cap of and take a big swig out of it... Big Grin


photos in the link above...
Haha, I did a google search and looks like they've also got a white 70-200mm variety... e.g. at canonmugs dot com..

Classic! Big Grin
Haha, that's awesome! Big Grin
Who would want to drink from a mere Canon Mug, I will wait for a Nikin mug Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin
You'll be thirsty for a long while Pavel. Big Grin Oooh I found a nikon one. http://www.canonmugs.com/?gclid=CJekpqGZ...2AodslTPEA
You could have fun with these and tell everyone that you used the glass and step motor, in an experiment that went wrong. Big Grin

Looking at the prices it might be cheaper. Rolleyes
...at between $50 and $300 a pop for these mugs, one wonders if it wouldn't be cheaper to find a beat-up real lens on eBay and make one yourself....

...oops - there's an echo in here...
I'm holding out for a shot glass from Leica, made of titanium with a clear bottom made from Swarovski crystal, that comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Franklin Mint.

It could happen - like the Titanium M9, it's not meant to take photos with, so it's right up Leica's alley.
(Sorry, Toad, couldn't resist! Big Grin)
haha... yeah I've got one of the 24-105 mugs. I don't drink out of it but it's been sitting on my desk at work holding pens and stationary. It's fantastic and would fool anybody until they picked it up and felt it has no weight to it.
I'd like to see someone make a mod out of it - attach it to the camera, but inside, there's like a smaller prime lens or pinhole arrangement or something. Big Grin
I want to take mine with me next time I see WeddingShooter... when he's not looking I'll swap it for his real 24-105... then when he *is* looking, I'll pick it up but "accidently" drop it (preferably onto concrete or a tile floor)! The look on his face would be priceless! Big Grin

But shhhhh... nobody tell him my plan. Tongue
I have one of those 24-105 mugs as well - do you think I could convince the insurance company that the insides fell out when it go dropped Smile