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Full Version: Pentax announces the K-01 Compact Camera System
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I seem to have the knack of jumping on rumours the day before the actual announcement comes out... lol. Anyway, Pentax have announced the K-01 compact camera system, based on an APS-C sensor and their K mount which means it can use virtually every Pentax lens ever made.


If you compare the size vs their flagship K-5 DSLR, the difference isn't all that great actually. The most obvious difference is that the viewfinder / prism / mirror assembly is missing, leading to a slightly slimmer profile. But not that slim. I think the strength or the compactness of the system (hey they're calling it a CSC after all) will come when Pentax introduces new purpose made XS lenses - the ultra slim 40mm pancake being announced at launch.

To see their lens roadmap for 2012/2013, click here:

I think this is a pretty interesting move by Pentax. Instead of designing a completely new mount and range of lenses (a la Nikon 1, Sony NEX) or a completely new format altogether (a la M43), they have built a compact camera around their existing K mount. This means that existing Pentax users can immediately start using their collection of lenses - making the "second body" or "backup body" argument very easily justifiable. The counterargument is that the size difference becomes almost negligible, making the loss of functionality - AF speed, viewfinder, etc. a heavy price to pay.

What are your thoughts on this new system?
I know that it is incredibly superficial of me to say it, but boy...that is one ugly camera.
I can only hope that it looks better in person. (I can't image that it would be all that difficult.)

Pentax has always been a fan of backwards compatibility, but they seem to be missing some of the reason to create a mirrorless camera with this one. I suppose time will tell if there's enough reason to buy a mirrorless camera when the body size is the same as an SLR.
matthew Wrote:I suppose time will tell if there's enough reason to buy a mirrorless camera when the body size is the same as an SLR.
I think you could easily make the same case for the new Olympus OM-D or whatever it is called this week - EM5 or whatever...
A face only a Mother could love...

[Image: K-01_White.jpeg]
Haha, here's a video interview of the man behind the design of the K-01 and he talks about what inspired a camera that looks like it had been beaten with an ugly stick. Big Grin

Dpreview published their review a few days back:

The result wasn't very favourable - taking issue with the size mainly. Basically it's a mirrorless camera with an APS-C sensor and mount, and tries to shed weight by removing the mirror box. It doesn't help much so you end up with something larger than most mirrorless cameras, while sacrificing things like an OVF and AF speed. Plus it looks... well... hmm.