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Full Version: a few of my more recent shots...
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haven't been on in a while... thought i'd drop by and show y'all what i've been up to!

"Downstream" - Elowah Falls in the Columbia Gorge, Oregon side...

[Image: ElowahAfternoonsm.jpg]

"Tipsoo Blue" - Mt Rainier from Little Tipsoo Lake, during the "blue hour"

[Image: TipsooBluesm.jpg]

"Dappled Green" - a nameless creek that empties into the White River between Enumclaw, WA, and Mt Rainier...

[Image: DappledGreensm.jpg]
The waterfall in the first shot almost looks like a fountain.
Nice tones and scenes.
Beautiful shots - the colours are so vivid and I love the composition. The silky water ones are done really well but my favourite has to be the pristine stillness of the lake. Such a gorgeous sky and reflection in the water...
Number 2 for me - but they are all outstanding
Lovely work!
Yep, nice.
Beautiful photographs... Carrying the ambience of this amazing nature world, I wished to be there... Thank you, with my love, nia
beautiful shots Smile
(Feb 24, 2012, 06:59)basketballfreak6 Wrote: [ -> ]beautiful shots Smile