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Full Version: Photoshop CS6 Beta - New Features explained
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So Adobe have released the beta version of CS6 - it's available here if you're interested in taking it for a spin.

Stuff such as the content aware patch tool and move tool are available to play with, along with other new features:

Quote:Many other enhancements that you'll find, like larger brush sizes and faster filter performance have been made possible by increased reliance on the video card's GPU (Graphics Processor Unit). As such, Adobe suggests a video card with a minimum of 512MB VRAM. Mac users should also note that CS6 does not support 32-bit machines.


Lack of 32-bit support for mac means that your machine must have at least a Core 2 Duo processor to run it.
Has anyone tried it yet? I'd be interested to hear. I've been using GIMP in Linux for the last year mostly, instead of Photoshop. I was always a Photoshop lover though and continuously think about switching back so I'd love to hear more about their latest version release from anyone who's actually downloaded, installed and tested it out.