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Full Version: Canon, the Toyota of the Camera Industry?
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A camera review was the last place I thought to look for an insight into the camera industry, but I thought this an almost throwaway quote from the field report of the Canon G1X from Luminous Landscape was gold:

Quote: Over the past few years Canon has increasingly become the Toyota of the camera industry. By this I mean – the biggest, but also the most conservative. Like Toyota, Canon makes quality products and it competes successfully in almost every segment that it chooses to. But, like Toyota its products usually fail to excite.

He also gives a summary of the other players:

Quote: Nikon's revival over the past five years has been nothing short of remarkable, and Sony is beginning to hit its stride. Sony is a fierce competitor and technology innovator in any market that they choose to enter, and the prosumer camera market is definitely centered in their sights. Fujifilm has developed a new and exciting niche and looks to become a major new force in the enthusiast marketplace. Panasonic and Olympus are continiously innovating in the mirrorless segment, and sales figures show that along with products from Sony and Samsung mirrorless is taking significant market-share, both at the low and mid ends of the market.

In other words, Canon cameras, like the G1X is representative of, is excellent in what it does but is also accompanied by a lot of "meh". There is no innovation, no excitement as it treads the safe, middle ground by taking an excellent product and simply refining it.

So then, L is for Lexus?

Lol, good one Mitch!

Nikon = Nissan? Smile
Good points Matthew. I think a lot of people out there are waiting to see what Canon does in the mirrorless space and a lot of people, including the reviewer, have been disappointed. Almost all manufacturers have made their plays, for better or worse, but Canon have seemingly put the G1X out as a stopgap measure in lieu of a true mirrorless solution.

On another related point, I thought it was interesting that in term of overall camera sales, the manufacturers are ranked as follows:
#1 Canon
#2 Sony
#3 Nikon
I was surprised to see Sony up there, especially when Canon and Nikon are always dominating the top end of the market, but I suppose this takes in to account all camera sales including compacts.
What is it with these rumours? Apparently there's a rumour of a new mirrorless announcement on Monday:

Just keep your expectations low and you won't be disappointed!! Big Grin
These reviews are written by people who get their cars and cameras as perks of the job. If they had to purchase them from their own nest egg then the reviews would be different.

In the 70's I first became aware of a Toyota car (Corolla 4 door hatchback) in a price bracket that was just out of my comfort zone. I thought it was fantastic. I eventually persuaded my boss that I would like one and was rewarded for my sales efforts. I have had a few over the years (all new and provided by the company) Otherwise I would have had a Yugo or similar. I never hankered after a Ferrari or Lamborghini. (Maybe in the depth of my reasoning, as I purchased a Scalectrix one. Big Grin ) I was brought up with the idea that if you could not afford it then do not covet it. I think it has held me in good staid.

Regarding lenses, while using my Rebel and Tamron 70-300 combo recently, I was told that was an impressive lens. Blush Almost made me feel like Pavel. Big Grin
Ok, more photos have surfaced on the Internet and I'm inclined to believe that it's almost a certainty now.

It is an APS-C sensor apparently.
Not sure what size sensor but I think it would be different to APS-C because it has a new mount, the EF-M. Note the white dot, as opposed to the red dot for EF and white rectangle for EF-s.

Part of me is happy because it will be a purpose built lens mount, instead of using lenses that were designed for a much larger sensor.

Then again that means that you can't share between systems, and people with DSLRs will need to invest in a new system. Kinda like the Nikon 1.
(Jul 21, 2012, 01:20)shuttertalk Wrote: [ -> ]Note the white dot, as opposed to the red dot for EF and white rectangle for EF-s.

Then again that means that you can't share between systems, and people with DSLRs will need to invest in a new system. Kinda like the Nikon 1.

Thats how they make you spend your money. As for the white dot, maybe the red paint has run out. Big Grin

I still want to see what I am taking shots of in bright sunlight, without an extra premium. Angry

I wonder if it will be waterproof.
Looks like Chris is right in that it's an APS-C sensor. However no mirror means that the lens can be closer to the focal plane and can be designed smaller, hence the new mount. There will also be an adapter for EF mount lenses.

More specs here:

I thought it was interesting that it includes phase and contrast detect AF systems. Most of the mirrorless cameras, with the exception of the Nikon 1, use contrast detect only which traditionally is slower.
The alleged size is also interesting: 108.6mm x 66.5mm x 32.3mm. The GX1 is 116mm x 68 mm x 39 mm, and the G1x is 116.7 x 80.5 x 64.7mm.
Of course, the G1x includes a lens and a rudimentary optical viewfinder.
And the GX1 is made by Panasonic.

(I can't tell you how much I hope that the new model's name includes a G, an X, and the number 1… "Canon XG1" would be awesome. Big Grin)
I reckon it will carry the EOS brand rather than the PowerShot brand (which covers the G series).

Maybe EOS 100M?

If you can understand Italian, there's a new video that has surfaced showing the whole camera and accessories in the flesh! It's pretty detailed, and the reviewer goes through all the functions and show how they work.

There's also a 18-55 3.5-5.6 IS STM which is shown in a few other photos, along with a flash unit (doesn't look like it tilts or swivels) and the previously mentioned EF mount adapter, shown coupled with a rather tasty EF 24-70 2.8 L..

How I wish i took Italian in high school... Big Grin