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Full Version: Make your own Rolling Camera Case
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If you're into rolling your own (ha ha), one great idea is turning an ordinary suitcase into a rolling camera bag by putting in some padded inserts. Ingenuity at its best... and the best thing about it is that you can choose the look and customise it to suit your needs.

I have to say that I've occasionally contemplated this myself. I can easily fit enough stuff in my Domke F1X that it becomes a real challenge to get around, but sometimes I need even more than that for my on-site product photography.

I think I'd need a medium-sized suitcase, though, not one of the little ones: a couple of lenses, teleconverter, extension tubes, camera body with grip and "L" plate, three speedlights, ring flash adapter, spare batteries, cables, white bedsheet, reflectors, clamps, tape, flashlight, colour chart… and that's just my usual kit for when I'm going to where my spare tripod lives! I'd like to start carrying my laptop as well – wirelessly tethered via eye-fi card – and it would be great to have room for a tripod, collapsable light tent, a tube to hold rolled-up bristol board for backgrounds / surfaces / reflectors, and a 30" square collapsable table.

… not even kidding about that last one.

Forget the suitcase. I need a wagon.
This is actually a great idea if you travel in developing countries. A well worn rolling suitcase isn't going to cause attention like a nice camera bag, especially one with Canon or Nikon on it in bold letters.

You can great great suitcases at garage sales or tons on craigslist and make your dividers from materials at any art supply store.

Definitely a great idea to make something totally custom to your needs and save some cash in the process!