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Full Version: Liability Insurance
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Ever wondered what would happen if you were commissioned to photograph a fragile art piece / priceless statue / historical object and it were to smash to pieces under your care? Apart from the bad karma, would your liability insurance cover any damages sought by the other party?


PDN wrote about this exact scenario, where a statue worth 300,000 smashed to pieces on an assignment and the owners came after the photographer with a lawsuit.

Quote: And as it turns out, standard liability insurance typically carried by photographers would NOT cover the accidental dropping of, say, a $300,000 Nok figurine on the set. That's because liability insurance policies typically exclude damage claims "for property of others in the care, custody or control of the insured," says Scott Taylor of Taylor & Taylor Associates, a New York brokerage that provides insurance packages for photographers. Liability insurance also usually excludes claims for damage to property "deemed to be props, sets, wardrobe and/or camera and lighting equipment," Taylor says.

Looks like you need to check your exclusions carefully, and/or get third party property insurance as well otherwise you might be out of luck...

Quote:But photographers can insure themselves against damage to props and other third-party property under their "care, custody or control" by purchasing third-party property insurance, in addition to their liability insurance, Taylor explains. In addition, they can purchase insurance coverage for props, sets, and wardrobes, which covers them against loss or damage to objects such as art, antiques, jewelry, silverware, furs, and other valuables they work with on the set.

Or best of all:

Quote:"The safest thing," Taylor says, "is to have [the owners or their agents] move valuable objects. That way, if it breaks, it's not your problem."
I did a photoshoot on a 1946 Ford Coupe, with over $70k in custom work and paint... made the owner do all the moving of the car LOL.
I smashed a vase in someones home whilst shooting the bride - the lady was very nice about it and told me to forget about it Smile
Wow imagine if you had smashed a family heirloom or something (touch wood) -- that would certainly put a damper on the wedding day...
It was in the room of treasures where no one was allowed to go. But because it was her daughters wedding day we were asked to do the photo in there.

There was so much stuff in the room it was almost impossible to move. I was stepping backward to get a better angle. And knocked it off a table. There was an absolute silence as everyone waited to see the mums reaction Smile

All was ok. Just one of those things.
I once shot a million dollar Fabergé egg for an antique dealer in my shop. I was sweating moving it around the set, literally!

I've been very lucky (knock on wood) that the only thing I've ever had break on me, either on location or in the studio was my own gear. I guess that's lucky...

What kind of insurance do you guys carry? Having it is pretty much mandatory in today's sue-happy world
Woah, that's something, I don't even have my own gear insured! Can we see the photos of the egg?