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Full Version: Weatherproof, not waterproof!!
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I'm not sure whether it's blind faith or just pure luck so far, but this photographer has certainly been putting the weatherproofing of his pentax to the test. Apparently to get underwater shots of syncrhonised swimmers, he just dips the camera into the pool without a case and takes a shot!!! Confused


Quote:NO CASE, just prefocus and dipped the camera into the water and took some shots.
Pentax K-5, DA* 16-50, ISO800, F5.6, 1/1000


Quote:The camera was just half to full submerged a few seconds, and each time after taking the pics I would dry it just in case. I didn't soom in or out while underwater. I was on the edge (outside) of the pool and just dipped the camera for the pics.

Someone should tell him that his camera is weather sealed, not water proof!! Big Grin