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Full Version: Cloudpic
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I think this is a great concept - it's awaiting funding at the moment through KickStarter (crowd funding), but hopefully it will make its way to the market. Basically it's a bluetooth USB dongle and companion iPhone app, which once connected will automatically transfer photos taken to your iPhone.

I imagine iPads would be supported as well - this would be a great way to skip the hassle of downloading to computer, then uploading to your iDevice, if all you want to do is quickly view, touch up or upload to social sharing sites.

Sounds a lot like Eye-Fi to me. Eye-Fi can do the Wi-Fi transfer plus you get a memory card.
True that... can Eye-Fi transfer to IOS devices?
I didn't realise this but some Panny compacts already have a Wifi feature built in, with companion IOS and Android apps.

The latest firmware adds more functionality to this feature, with things like remote live view, remote zooming and triggering. Colour me impressed!