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Full Version: With the D800 in the house…
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With the D800 in the house, what's the next logical step?

[Image: i-CzF88dG-L.jpg]

[Image: i-ckN7hpX-L.jpg]

I've been idly looking to buy an F5 for quite some time, and this one popped up nearby for a very reasonable price. It's in great shape – I've run one roll of film through it already, but want to also do a roll of colour film before I take them in for processing.

I'm just thrilled to finally own a professional Nikon. Big Grin
You can still buy film? Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Well, Fujifilm has stopped selling APS film, and is increasing the price of everything else by 20%. Naturally, I do own an APS Canon Elph, but I won't miss it. And I don't begrudge them an extra dollar a roll if that's what they need to keep them making the film that keeps my other (counting… counting… counting…) seven film cameras up and running.

I think there's still a company that makes yellow boxes around here somewhere, too. I actually have a small stockpile of Kodak film in the freezer, since that's what I mostly use, and plan to start adding to that again.

Tomorrow I get to drop off three rolls for processing, so I'll see what the new camera's like for real next week.
Something I don't get now.

Says they are worldwide distributors.


There must be others who have a small stockpile of film, other than you. Big Grin