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Full Version: Photo Stealers
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This is an interesting blog which lists examples of stolen photography, and naming and shaming the perpetrators. Just perusing the site - I can't believe how many instances there are of "photographers" showing off their "portfolio" of stolen works, and offering themselves for hire as wedding photographers.


I like how he calls them "fauxtographers"... haha. Big Grin
Shocking. Its hard to believe that people think that they can get away with that. I suppose that some no talent types think that they can do weddings easily if they can just get the biz in the door. My own personal experience is that weddings are HARD work, and you really want a pro for it.

I see that there are lots of women on the photo thief wall of shame. I always think of women as somehow more honest, but I suppose that is just sexist thinking...
Our own Rufus has recently been plagued with this, and it seems to be rife. I quite agree: I'm aghast at the phenomenon of people's only restraint against the desire to steal, being the fear of being caught.
Thinking on it of course, UK society is thrashing about in the blood and mire with several impacts of this: we have quite "normal" people looting in riots, our own banking institutions, media and suchlike with fingers in tills. That some photographers are cozened by the internet's seeming Cloak of Invisibility, thus enabling them to covet and steal, is I reckon engendered in the same soil.
Hey Toad, another angle might be that women are perhaps not as sly and practised at cover-ups as us blokies?
Bring back the birch and public floggings. A fortnights community service isn't a punishment.