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Full Version: Just purchased Thom Hogan's Nikon D800/800E opus
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It is "only" over 800 pages long. No Zig, I am not yet done reading. Wink

I fear that by the time I get through the middle, I will forget the beginning. Sleepy
Will you be still young enough to take photo's by then? Blush
(Jul 8, 2012, 05:54)NT73 Wrote: [ -> ]Will you be still young enough to take photo's by then? Blush

Please do not disturb me Wink. I am going for a Ph.D. in D800 Big Grin. Wish me luck.
That's awesome. I used to think I knew about cameras until I bought his guide for the D700 – even the errata pages taught me things that I didn't know about the camera that I had been using for years.

So now I've also downloaded his D800 guide, and the prospect of reading 850 pages on my laptop seems a little daunting…

His D800/E review is also very interesting: http://www.bythom.com/nikond800review.htm
Finished your research thesis yet?

Haha seriously, how's the book going?
I made it to the high two-hundred mark – the section titled "Using the Camera" – and then Tom released an updated version. I have to admit that it broke my spirit just a little.

But I was able to refer back to it when someone asked me a rather obscure question that I couldn't answer from the material available on-line. Given what I've spent on the camera and lenses, buying his guide is probably the most cost-effective thing that I've done.
Haha do you know of any books of similar caliber for Canon?
Matthew - I am a few (50?) pages ahaed of you, but some parts I just glossed over. I am reading on iPad and I am not too used to the readers. First I got the Goodreader (Thom mentions it), but I found it hellish to navigate back and forth with it. iAnotate is better, but still not great for navigation. Usually I just stop out of shear frustration. Now I have to read also manual for the Olympus to help my wife out with setting things up - the online manual is not easy to read and the quickie paper version is verging on being useless. Fortunately the basic operation is simple and obvious, so I have time to grow my skills organically.

I should say that Thom's book is so good and so comprehensive and so rich with universally applicable foundation that it may be a useful book for a determined reader with a Canon.