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Full Version: DC Police Chief Issues Relaxed Recording Policy
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I thought this was very interesting - the Washington DC police chief has issued a new policy to all its law enforcement personnel. Basically the gist is that (1) officers may not harass those recording or taking photos of police activities and (2) officers may not ask citizens to stop recording, even if may impact the safety of personnel or impede their ability to perform their duties. They can ask them to move out of the way, but not stop recording. Furthermore officers may not (3) request citizens to delete any recordings or sieze cameras.

Not 100% sure of the second one as it seems a bit reckless but on the whole I think it is positive for photographers rights. Obviously other recording laws e.g. privacy laws, private property still apply.

Also this is more aimed towards cell phone recording but I would assume that it applies to cameras and DSLRs as well.