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Full Version: Gutted Photographers Who Didn't Help
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Very thought provoking article from the Guardian about photographers who recount their experiences photographing life threatening situations in which they (arguably) may have influenced the outcome.


I don't pretend to be a hero but I wonder what I would do in the same circumstances. Especially when say, faced with an angry violent mob in a foreign country...

Would you step in to help at your own peril? Would you just continue to take photos to at least document the event? Would you justify to yourself that you couldn't have done anything anyway and deal with the regret later?
I'd have to say in most of those situations, my first concern would be putting as much distance between me and the chances of ending up in a fridge with a toe tag as possible.
There is no chance I would step in alone against a violent mob in a foreign land. If they're willing to do that to one of their own then they probably wouldn't think twice about taking out a foreigner. Some of the other photos are 50/50 I guess... but I'm sure when the photographer looks back they wonder why they didn't step in. That's just hindsight for you.
Being a father and family man, I wouldn't jump to step into something like that. However, should there be clear and present danger to my family, I'd open up the biggest can of you know what that such a mob would be thinking about directing their energy to their problem and away from us. First and foremost, human nature is to survive. If the mob has nothing to do with you, it is unlikely there is much you could do about it anyways. Martyrs are often found in mobs, so chances are they don't really care about you. Best to keep to taking the pictures, and if it looks like there are no authorities involved, perhaps quietly disappear and inform them.
Yeah my first reaction would be run away as well... sad to say.