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Full Version: Canon's Cave of Treasures
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At the olympics, there's a mystical treasure trove, also known as the Canon Professional Services office, filled floor to ceiling with expensive Canon gear and lenses.


I love the top comment:

Quote: So from just the 2 racks of bodies I can see, i count 5 rows and in each column 7 deep. So that's 35 bodies on each shelf, I see 6 shelves visible, so that's 210 bodies per entire rack. Clearly at least 2 racks, so 2 racks we get a minimum of 420 bodies. That's not even factoring there is more then 2 racks, since we only see 2. So at retail price estimate at $6,800 (each) x420 bodies that's $2,856,000.00 just in bodies! WOW!!!

I don't even know where to begin with the lenses, too many variables and unseen shelves/racks. Anyone want to guess the total retail value of that room? Given the low estimate $2.9M in bodies, I'd say at least $9-11M USD!!!