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Full Version: Picture Editor at the London Olympics
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Another very fascinating read about being a picture editor for Reuters at the London Olympics. In particular, this editor was tasked at overseeing the gymnastics and athletics. Basically his job was to collate all the photos from all the various photographers, then select which ones, out of the thousands, get passed on down the line to processing.

Quote: Within these hundreds of frames sits the key moment – which I must select, crop and send before our competitors find it in their file. If I fail in my task our competitor’s pictures will be published. If our photographer has a better frame in their raw file they will let me know in no uncertain terms later in the bar.

Talk about high pressure!

It is their chosen profession, so where is the pressure?
Other than what anyone else has.
The joy must = the bad moments. Like a stage artist.
I think the word 'Pressure' is bandied around too much these days.
Some amazing Olympics photos:

My favourite is the tilt shift equestrian one... don't see that effect used often in the media...