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Full Version: New Old Lens: Tokina SD 28-70mm F/3.5-4.5
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This is a wonderful manual lens on my D40. Using my Vivitar .43 x auxillary, it yields a 35mm equivalent of 18mm very wide lens. It has a good macro capability as well. This was a great e-bay bargain at $35 with shipping.

I took some shots around the house to test it.





Thanks! It looks like you really obtained a good deal! Appreciate the share!
Thanks Barbara
As long as one doesn't think they need auto everything, there are many old manual lenses that are really good performers and can be had for not much money. I have several old manual lenses I use on my Nikon D40 and D5100. Since I used fully manual SLRs for 30 years, manually setting the exposure isn't a problem.
I fully agree. Me too!