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Full Version: How Do You Get Creative In Photography?
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Creativity comes from many different sources when one takes a journey in photography. Creativity in a sense can come from family members, someone you are following who is also a photographer, or it can come from other sources.

So, where does your inspiration of creativity come from?

Here is a partial list of ideas which can spark some creativity in photography:

Watching movies
Talking to others who photograph
Speaking with classmates, teachers, and so on
Viewing others photos on photo sites, blogs, forums, so on
Exploring music, books, phamphlets, e-books, and more
Photography magazines, e-zines, and more

Where does your creativity come from when you photograph?
I'm always starting with myself - my mood, things happening around me, especially those that affect my life, my thoughts, my feelings..it's always Me, Myself and I Big Grin I always have something to say or express and I love doing that using photography.
Thanks Korry - this is a great perspective and view when desiring to capture the world around you!
I see it from movies and other magazines give me creative. Although mimicig the same creativity will never get me somewhere but it is a good start to learn from it and maybe someday if have a chance to shoot a same scene but difference scenario I won't be having problems and wondering why can't make it. I have tons of photo by in my collections and use it once a month just to take a look at it and see some thing different.
I usually become my creative best when I explore a lot of other photographer's work! I usually spend about 30-40 minutes a day just browsing various photography websites. I do not follow a particular photographer but instead like to keep my options open by sifting through as many new people I can.

But then, getting creative ideas is one thing and actually going out and clicking some photos is another. Most of the time I have found myself see weekends go by and by and I have not touched my camera.
Are we possibly getting creativity confused with inspiration here? I agree with all your methods for seeking inspiration, looking at the work of others, thumbing through magazines etc. can certainly spark my interest in trying something new for example. But as Bryan Peterson relates in his books on exposure and composition, once you have chosen your subject there are possibly half a dozen combinations of aperture and shutter speeds that will give you a correctly exposed image but maybe only one of those combinations is a 'creative' setting that may give your perfectly exposed image the 'Wow' factor without going anywhere near Photoshop et al. looking forward to hearing your opinions.
I just take what I see? Ed.