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Full Version: smoke panorama
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There was a place near my house on fire,
it was quite serious,
all these cars being burnt,
all the chemicals getting burnt.
The fire may still be going, it's be going for more than a day!

did a quick shooting of it from the park near my house, and stitched it together.
I know some of the pictures are blur from camera shake Tongue taken handheld Tongue and rush

[Image: smoke.jpg]
Cool pano - at first I couldn't see what you were talking about until I scrolled way to the right.
Yes, very cool ... or as a movie character might say, "Smokin'!"
Nice work adam, did you pan the camera or phyically move along? also what did you sue to stich it up?
I just panned over my imaginary tripod Tongue
and I used canon photostitch...

I just put the pictures into there, and out came a panorama Smile
and i made it come out small, so that it would be web friendly (actually, the real reason was so that you can't see that its blur Tongue)
Your picture is really nice Adam. May I ask how many pictures did you use?
There's 10 pictures there Smile
It shows what you were aiming to convey very well.

I find it quite fascinating actually. Nice one Smile