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Full Version: Help please
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What are the rating about? I mean the stars, reputation etc, and how does one obtain these?

Thanks for asking...this has not been used much in the past. Since I have been helping on the forums, I have added to a few people's reputations.

If you would like to add to someone's reputation, then click the number beside the reputation you see in the person's post on the left side. It will take you to their page to add comments about this user as well.

The star levels have been set within the control panel by the administration. The more posts you make, you will "level up" over time.

Hope this helps...you can ask more questions if you need to.

Also, warnings are given by the moderators, or admin if needed. Just to let you know.
Ahh thankyou for clearing it up Smile
Thanks Beckylouise!
So that's how the reputation can do.. Now I know. Thanks Barbara. Forgot to ask that earlier in this forum. Glad Beckylouise brought it out.